• Monica

C-19 Proof Positive: Small business owners need Life Coaches more than ever.

As I write this blog, small businesses are slowly being allowed to reopen after two months of being shutdown due to Covid-19. During these past two months, I have been able to experience through my small business owner clients how they've been affected personally, professionally, and spiritually.

And wow, I sure did learn a lot as a Life Coach.

Life coaches meet people where they are NOW in their lives, but to get a complete understanding of where they are now, it is extremely beneficial and almost necessary, to find out how they got to now.

What was life like growing up for them?

What did they grow up believing about themselves?

Which of those beliefs are helpful and which are hurtful?

Is there a history of patterns that have been showing up until today (failed relationships or jobs, inconsistent weight loss/gain, etc.)?

While I feel it is necessary to explore the past to get clients moving towards their future, not all clients will want to. I respect that, but I also get curious as to why that is and so it's a question I do not hesitate to ask. After all, I'm here to ask you the hard questions. It's one of the reasons why I am hired and it's also one of the things I disclose to you before we start coaching.

We will have to enter your shadows.

When we are in the shadows of the past, we bring light to them. That light is our present selves. Although you may not initially see it, your present self may not be that much different than your past self and so you might say, "Well, I've grown since I was 8, or 15, or 22 years old!" and yes, in very obvious ways that is true, but what about the not so obvious?

Take a minute and think, when you were 8, or 15, or 22 years old, were you perhaps:

- Feeling let down by others like you are today?

- Feeling sad or even mad when things didn't go your way like you are today?

- Feeling less than or incapable about yourself like you are today?

The list could go on. So you are not that much different.

So while we were all in the midst of lockdown, we went into the past together. There my clients were able to find answers as to why they felt the way they did right after the lockdown, what these feelings were telling them (and a lot of the answers were revealed by going into their past), and what to do about them.

The thing is, every single client knew they didn't like the way they were feeling right after the shutdown was ordered. Something just wasn't right. Who likes to feel threatened, scared, or anxious?

Through coaching, these clients knew they needed to be someone different for their future. Someone different than their past self had led them to be.

Sadly, most people will only take a look at the past or talk to someone like a Life Coach or a therapist when times are dark and desperate. They wait and let the fear rise, the anxieties and doubts abound, or their business or relationships to be on the edge.

It doesn't have to be that way. Just as times of hardship can produce great lessons in learning, they can also happen with even greater effect in times of immense happiness, joy, and openness of your heart.

Do not wait until a crisis comes to your door. Do not wait until the sleepless nights rampage you until you can no longer live the next day. Do not wait until your business is at risk and the dream you once had for it is gone.

One of the biggest takeaways I've learned from coaching small business owners during a crisis like Covid-19 is that the unexpected has a way of drastically preying on vulnerabilities.

It has no mercy, it has no shame. It brings back all of the self-limiting beliefs you may of had when you were 8, 15, and even 22.

By facing the past together, it gave my clients the power to weather this storm and the next because there will always be another storm.

And they, and their businesses, are back on their way to thriving.

Remember, Everything Begins With You.