• Monica

Welcome to Luna Life Coaching! A little about me...

I started my coaching education in 2010 with an introduction to coaching called the Mindset of Success by Dr. Jayne Gardner. During this time, I had the opportunity to have my own Life Coach. Not knowing what to expect, I was so nervous. I had so many questions bouncing around in my head like, “What was I ‘expected’ to dish out? What will she require of me?” As we had more sessions, she helped me to realize on my own that it wasn’t just her I needed to trust to get where I wanted to be, it was the trust I needed in myself. Trusting myself to be bold enough to remove the veil so I could really see me. Like most of us, our egos run our lives more than we’d like to admit. It creates a false perception of our world and our place in it. Understanding ME, for the very first time, was the hardest thing I ever had to do and it was also the best thing I ever did for myself.

Fast-forward to 2018 and I have already been on my own spiritual journey for a few years. I removed myself from social media to devote my time being with Spirit. I engaged in self-realization practices, explored literature from Eastern gurus, listened to their perspectives, started reading the Bible and making a conscious effort to apply the teachings to my life so it made sense. It was around that time that I received an email from Dr. Gardner that her Mindset for Success program had reformed into the Divine Intelligence Program. Was it coincidentally out of the blue that I had received this email right when I was ready to take the next step into my journey? There are no such things as coincidences! I knew for sure that it was divine guidance! I signed up immediately again not knowing what to expect, but I was ready.

Undergoing the three-month Divine Intelligence Program opened up my eyes to see me again, but differently than the first time. I was gently pulled into facing my “Other Self” – the self that had been conditioned over time to see me as “less than” and “not good enough”. The self that had created an unhealthy perfectionist who was often times impatient and scared to make mistakes. Ugh, it’s hard to write that, but maybe some of you can relate. The program put me on an internal roller coaster ride and not one I always wanted to be on. When it was over, I had let go of so much past pain without having to speak a word to anyone who had been a part of it. It was liberating and I was forever changed.

Once all that gunk was out of my mind and out of my heart, there was an electrifying coherence of the two that changed everything. Now I saw my potential to be a co-creator of my life, to design how I wanted it to be. The forever crown I carry from my experience is knowing without a doubt by feeling, that Spirit and I are One.

This is the potential I see in all of my clients. Walking the bridge of self-realization means you have to be open to leaving behind the person you think you know. For me, it was also being absent from the material world for a while - removing myself from social media was the best thing I ever did! It was in solitude with Spirit that I found true companionship, beauty, and wholeness. Now truthfully, I am really finding it hard to get back on! But I must share my gifts with the world so I am working on that...

This is what I love doing as a Spiritual Life Coach; helping bring someone back to their True Self because it only leads to one place…Heaven within.

Matthew 7:14 describes the path so simply:

"But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it."

It's soooo true! It's a process, and it's a hard one, but what you will find on the other side of your bridge is what you've been looking for. But, you have to do the inner work!

To complete my bio, I am a graduate of Texas A&M University, a double-certified accredited Life Coach from the Divine Intelligence Program and the International Coaching Federation. I am also an active member of my local ICF chapter. I’m married to the love of my life who has never let go of me for the past 18 years and we have a lovely little star as a product of our union.

Looking forward to your comments, questions, anything! If you need someone to talk to, or better yet, listen to you, please reach out and drop me a note anytime at

In Divine Friendship,