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You are here because you are curious. Could your curiosity uncover a veiled intention or could it have lovingly pushed you to do something for your greater good? It could be time for a change, a life shift or a breakthrough.


Most people think they "need" a therapist or psychiatrist when they want change in their life. They want someone to give them the answers or just tell them what they need to do so they can "fix" what is wrong with themselves, their marriage, or their circumstances. For some, that is a healthy and smart way to go to get guidance and help, yet it's not always the necessary or only choice. 

In our consultation, I'll explain how having a Life Coach as a partner is different. I meet you wherever you are at in your life today and skillfully yet lovingly, guide you along the path to help you create the future you yearn for. 

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Having a Life Coach is vastly different than working with other guidance professionals. As a Life Coach, my goal is to carry you forward in your goal. As someone on your side who firmly believes you are whole and capable of finding your own answers within, we get you there through deep, contemplative questioning. In this way, we bring those below-conscious thoughts, habits, and feelings to the surface to see if they are stalling you, need to be tweaked a little to push you forward, or if you need to remove them entirely from your life.  


As a Life Coach, I also see more than your goal at hand. I see you having whatever it is you want and so much more because the way to get it resides in you already. You can live forward starting today with peace, joy, stability, security, and love. With life coaching, most clients then feel led to experience the Divine Intelligence Process as the progressive next step along their own spiritual bridge.

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