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Coaching Services for Clients

Add the Value of Life Coaching Services for your Clients

As the owner of a yoga or wellness center, you understand the value of inner strength, integrity, and wholeness for one's Self. An absence, or lack, of any one of these faculties begets a crack in one's foundation. If left unhealed, this crack can fracture further leading to atrophies of self-respect, trust of one's abilities, and a collapse of the connection they have with themselves.     


Establishing coherence with the mind and body through integrated wellness is a powerful way to re-establish or reinforce one's foundation. Yet there is another piece in between the mind and the body that is the epicenter of the connection to our greatness...our hearts. When one experiences coaching, they discover the mind has been telling them something different from their hearts. Life Coaches knows this is where truth abides and how to help their clients arise to merge their mind, body, and soul.

With Life Coaching as part of your services and/or client membership, clients will see your business differently. While many yoga and wellness centers do an amazing job focusing on the mind, strength, and vitality, with the addition of Life Coaching Services, clients will be able to feel the passion your business has for their complete wellbeing.  

Set yourself apart from the rest. Contact me so we can chat about implementing a trial run for your center. Sessions are done remotely via telephone or video conferencing at a time agreed upon by coach and client.


Coaching Services for Owners & Partnerships

Grow Individually. Build Together.

Behind the scenes of a beautiful and creative yoga and wellness space lies the Creator(s).  Through their unique personalities, strengths, beliefs, and habits, the company culture and dynamic is born. Natural talents are on display, learned ones are cultivated, and unexpected ones are created through experience.

As a Life Coach for women-owned small businesses, I have witnessed firsthand for a partnership-based business to grow and prosper, the coaching impact is greater when the seeds of the individual are sown first. With a 90:10 coaching mix (90% individual and 10% group) centered around a personal goal and a company goal, together we can unify the individual with the collective aspirations of the business.  

Let's face it. Running a business day-to-day, overseeing employees and clients, a household, being a partner to someone at home, kids, fur babies, (and oh yeah, remembering to take care of yourself) can get tough to handle. Add in the emotional tidal waves, and life can spiral out of control really quickly if you don't stay on top of your own personal wellbeing.

Having a Life Coach by your side to help you stay aware and put yourself first is crucial to your own success, the success of others, and the success of the business. Remarkably, when you change first, everything and everyone changes around you. Try it and see that Everything Begins With You


Contact me for a no-commitment conversation about what coaching would look like for you and your team. Sessions can be done remotely via telephone or video conferencing at a time agreed upon by coach and client.

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