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About Me

I started my coaching education in 2010 with an introduction to coaching called the Mindset of Success by Dr. Jayne Gardner. During this time, I had the opportunity to have my own life coach. Not knowing what to expect, I was so nervous. I had so many questions bouncing around in my head like, “What was I ‘expected’ to dish out? What will she require of me?” As we had more sessions I realized it wasn’t just her I needed to trust to get where I wanted to be; it was the trust I needed in myself. Trusting myself to be bold enough to remove the veil so I could really see me. Like most of us, our egos run our lives more than we’d like to admit. It creates a false perception of our world and our place in it. Understanding ME, for the very first time, was the hardest thing I ever had to do and it was also the best thing I ever did for myself. Continued...

Energy-Based Approach

Everything is connected and nothing is wasted in the Universe. Our energies although unseen, are felt, mirrored, bounced from and then back to us in many forms. The results could be a chance meeting with someone who is able to get you where you've been wanting to go or the unexpected deliverance of something you've been waiting for. If you're paying attention (and I mean really paying attention!) to these synchronicities, you start to get curious. When the curiosity takes root you have now opened up your mind's eye to what life means to you and gifts it offers you.

Yet it's not always easy to step right into the life we dream about. The energies that bring us joy can also bring us pain and suffering. Because we live in a contrasted world, we are also living in a world of choice. The energies we possess are our own; we control them and so we have the choice in which ones to project out into the world. If you aren't aware of these energy effects, just look at your circumstances. Look at the patterns that seemingly follow you. Is it time for change?     

Connecting these dots is a personal one. It's also scientific: physiological and neurological. It's spiritual: requires trust and faith because we are dealing with the invisible and unknown. Until it becomes known. The more it becomes known, the less you teeter totter on doubt and begin to form your own personal Truths. Are you ready for change?

Introduction to Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

Just one conversation.

You are here because you are curious. Could your curiosity uncover a veiled intention or could it have lovingly pushed you to do something for your greater good? It could be time for a change, a life shift or a breakthrough.


Most people think they "need" a therapist or psychiatrist when they want change in their life. They want someone to give them the answers or just tell them what they need to do so they can "fix" what is wrong with themselves, their marriage, or their circumstances. For some, that is a healthy and smart way to go to get guidance and help, yet it's not always the necessary or only choice. 

In our consultation, I'll explain how having a Life Coach as a partner is different. I help you see yourself for who you are today and skillfully yet lovingly, guide you along the path to discover who you truly are. From there, all things miraculously fall into place.  

Find out what it could mean for you.

1 Hour - Complimentary

Ready for Change

Experience Life & Spiritual Coaching

See how it's different.

Having a Life Coach is vastly different than working with other guidance professionals. As a Life Coach, my goal is to carry you forward in your goal. As someone on your side who firmly believes you are whole and capable of finding your own answers within, we get you there through deep, contemplative questioning. In this way, we bring those below-conscious thoughts, habits, and feelings to the surface to see if they are stalling you, need to be tweaked a little to push you forward, or if you need to remove them entirely from your life.  

As a Spiritual Coach, I see more than your goal at hand: I see you having whatever it is you want and so much more because the way to get it resides in you already - living with peace, joy, stability, security, love. With the willing devotion of the client, I incorporate spiritual teachings and practices with your goal. This can offer new perspectives in how you view your goals and how to navigate towards them while experiencing the turbulences of life. With spiritual coaching, most clients then feel led to experience the Divine Intelligence Process as a progressive next step along their own spiritual bridge.


(Re)discovering your Divine Intelligence

It's inherent in every one of us. Rediscover yours.

Born with this gift, it has been shadowed because of life experiences: other people's opinions or demands of how we should live our lives, negative thoughts of ourselves, of being less than or not great enough, past regrets, shame. It has to end. Life was not meant to be lived this way. The Divine Intelligence process can help. Non-religious based, it seamlessly combines practical teachings and concepts integrated with Quantum Physics and Neuroscience. Knowing yourself and finding your Divine (or True) Self is the door that is always open. Once you make the brave step into your spiritual journey, you will never be the same.

(Re)discovering your Divine Intelligence

Rediscover Your Divine Light with Others.

For those seeking partnerships in their spiritual journey. The process is the same as private sessions, yet with a group there is the opportunity for accountability partners and to make new or more enriching relationships with other soul-seeking individuals. If you don't have a group and prefer this method, I will work to create one for you.


“I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.”

Henry David Thoreau

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