Everything Begins With You.

What is Life Coaching?

Having a Life Coach by your side can help you navigate through a life change, walk with you towards a new goal, or help you step out of a place you are just tired of being in. With deep questioning, curiosity, and attentiveness to your whole being, a coach explores the whole you, not just its parts because we are wholly connected to everything! Whatever is showing up in your outside world is because of your connections (or disconnections) with yourself. By exploring what's important to you and why is the first step in living your life by your personal values. And when you uncover what those are, it's as if a light has been turned on and you can now see where you want to go, what you want to have, who you want to be there with you, and so much more.

A Life Coach is different than a therapist or counseling professional in that we do not diagnose or assist with matters requiring clinical attention. A coach asks deep, powerful questions so clients can voice their innermost thoughts to come up with their own answers. They are also trained to be an active listener and therefore are deeply engaged in how the client responds. With a coach, you have a non-judgmental partner that will always be there to listen, have an active, genuine interest in you, and sees you as your best self. We make it our purpose to listen and be there for clients to show them how they have answers from within; it is a very empowering method of self-improvement and goal attainment for clients who feel like they have run out of options or just feel "stuck".


Are you ready for change?

Are you willing to change first?


About Me

I started my coaching education in 2010 with an introduction to coaching called the Mindset of Success by Dr. Jayne Gardner. During this time, I had the opportunity to have my own Life Coach. Not knowing what to expect, I was so nervous. I had so many questions bouncing around in my head like, “What was I ‘expected’ to dish out? What will she require of me?” As we had more sessions, she helped me to realize on my own that it wasn’t just her I needed to trust to get where I wanted to be, it was the trust I needed in myself. Trusting myself to be bold enough to remove the veil so I could really see me. Like most of us, our egos run our lives more than we’d like to admit. It creates a false perception of our world and our place in it. Understanding ME, for the very first time, was the hardest thing I ever had to do and it was also the best thing I ever did for myself. Continued...


In Their Own Words...

Dr. Jayne Gardner
The Divine Intelligence Institute

“Every now and then a student comes along—someone I just know will help people change and will impact the world on a large scale. I feel Monica will be highly successful to facilitate change and help people evolve for several reasons. First, she is evolved herself. I know because I witnessed some miraculous changes in her myself. She is indeed highly evolved and is totally qualified to emit change in others on a very deep level. 
Try just one session with her and I know you will be moved forward to your highest self—as well as create other things in your life that are important on a material level. She has been a pleasure to train and I see great things in her future and in yours too if you join her in the evolution process."


Many people equate spirituality to religion, but being spiritual means "knowing thyself". In the process of knowing thyself you realize your True Self. 


To know who you truly are, you must first understand who you are not. This False Self has to be revealed, investigated, understood, and accepted before your True Self can emerge. As a Spiritual Coach, I have undergone my own self-discovery into my False Self. I learned where it came from and how it held me and my relationships back. I learned to see clearly that who I was was not the real me.


In spiritual coaching, together we will search for your True Self. The self that you know for sure exists because you remember a time when you were truly happy and at peace. Soon you will be able to unleash your inner power to focus your thoughts and actions on higher ideals, your personal values, and a have new perspective on your life and others.

Being spiritual is an elevated, evolved way of being.  It's being open-minded, open to progress and reform, being constantly curious, patient, and understanding of others and their inner spiritual journey. It's being big-hearted, tolerant, truth-seeking, and it's not being afraid to see the beauty and goodness in the challenges and pain we face individually and collectively.

Being spiritual is who you are, not what you do. It’s about a personal experience that is truly and uniquely yours!

It Begins With You.

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